What is this demo?

This site has been created to demonstrate the speed, simplicity and security of Wonderful’s instant bank payments for UK shoppers. If you purchase any of the audiobooks on the website, they will not be shipped (we struggled to find competent canine, feline, avian or aquatic voice over artists).

BUT you can spend 10p to discover just how easy it is to make an instant bank payment.

Wonderful is an FCA Authorised Payment Institution, leveraging the speed, simplicity and security of Open Banking payments to bring huge cost savings and instant settlement to your business.

Select your favourite audio book, proceed to checkout and select Wonderful Payments to see exactly how it works.

Incredible value

Our WooCommerce extension is priced at just £9.99 plus VAT per month.

You’ll also need a subscription to Wonderful’s Small Business Plan, which is also £9.99. The Plan includes 1,000 monthly transactions with no additional fees, percentage-of-sale or otherwise.

Combining our Small Business Plan fee and monthly fee for our WooCommerce extension, that’s a price of just 2p per transaction.

Adding Wonderful Payments to your WooCommerce checkout will slash your costs of payment processing – typically by 90% or more, but you can see exactly how much by using our interactive cost-saving calculator.

Any transactions above your bundled 1,000 (congratulations!) are charged at just 1p per transaction.

Further information

If you’d like more information about our WooCommerce payments extension:

Find out more about instant bank payments at wonderful.co.uk